Chapter 1 - Affiliate Rockstar Methodology

Chapter 1 of Affiliate Rockstar Status deals with looking at the overall picture of being a Super Affiliate. What's the big picture here we're dealing with?

What are the real basics of an affiliate business larger picture? I'll put it like this, do you want to build your business or someone else's business. What does that mean? Building an affiliate business is a great opportunity for working at home these days. But an affiliate business is at the base level, selling someone else's products. Sure you might get a nice commission for your efforts, but once you work hard to get that customer by spending money on Google Adwords or other forms of advertising, that customer belongs to someone else.

What you need to do to be an affiliate rockstar is to come up with your own strategy. What are you going to do to build your own business? What kind of products will you come up with to sell on your own? What are you going to do to make your business, your business and stop working for someone else?

When you sell someone else's products and the lifecycle runs out on those products, so does your income.

I can't tell you any more about chapter 1 of Affiliate Rockstar Status without giving away it's secrets so, if you want to know more, you can read my review or check out the ebook itself.

You need to get the book for your affiliate business, but be careful not to end up like Eddie Van Halen up there!

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